Sunday, February 3, 2008

Alternate method of applying the waistband and leg cuffs

Here are some pictures of another method for sewing on the waistband and leg cuffs. This method requires less stretching of the materials.

Leaving the soaker inside out, put the leg cuffs inside the soaker matching up the raw edges.

Here's the leg cuff completely sewn in.

Do the same with the waistband.

Here's the finished soaker.


Rita said...

Hi Katrina! I just found your website through Diaper Sewing Divas and I am so impressed with your cover. I love wool/fleece pull-on covers and have the Mile High Monkey one, but I have to say I like the look of your's even better since it has more coverage and looks more like shorts. And I love the PDF files and your blog.

I have a blog: and I was curious if you would mind if I put a link to your blog in there for the cover directions. I started that blog to share my free one-size flannel pocket that closes with a pin pattern and your cover should go perfectly over my RRPs. I am all about getting as many people as I can to sew their own diapers, and with your help I can make it even more fun.

Thanks so much! Rita

Rita said...

Oh, and how do you do you get your PDFs to load up as you do? I am ignorant and I have people link to mediafire, and then they have to download the file. I really prefer how you do it!

Katrina said...

You are more than welcome to link to my blog! I feel the same way as you do about getting people to sew their own diapers. It makes it so much more affordable! I've heard lots of great things about your pattern. When I get a chance to do more sewing, I plan on making some.

As far as the PDF files, I have a freewebs page and uploaded my files there. Then I just post a link directly to the files. It's similar to posting the direct link to photobucket pics.

Thank you for your free pattern!

Diet Coke Addict said...

I just learned to make these and I LOVE your pattern!!!

I find that the legs and waist bunch terribly when I sew them in. Am I doing this wrong, or is it normal?

I love the pattern!!! It is so easy. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Katrina said...

I stretch my legs and waistband as I sew so that it matches up with the soaker. It gathers afterward, but I wouldn't say it bunches up a lot.

smith said...

Are you using MM fleece for your soakers?

Do you think I could use regular ole Joann's fleece if I use the extra soaker piece for a newborn soaker?

I just love this pattern <3 <3 <3

Katrina said...


I've been using Joann's anti-pill fleece without an extra layer in the wetzone. It works great for us. It has lots of stretch. The soaker I added the extra layer to has a body layer of fleece that I got from my local fabric shop, and it isn't as thick as the Joann's anti-pill.

The Preemie Mile said...

Rite, Im not sure how to get ahold of you but if you want to link your PDF file like the one on here so it downloads directly I can upload it to my website and you can link directly to it. Also Id love to add a link to your blog on my website. Please email me 29and27weeker @ gmail

Mrs. Loudvoice said...

Hi Katrina,

I've become slightly obsessed with making wool soakers and pants from recycled sweaters. I've discovered it's much easier (for me) to sew the leg bands on BEFORE I sew up the sides of the soaker. It's much less awkward for me and I thought maybe this could help someone else.

Charndra at Part Time EC said...

Such a pretty fabric choice.

They look comfy.

I think they would convert to trainers very well?


Katrina said...

I have seen trainers made from the pattern, and they do look nice. I plan on working on instructions to convert this pattern to a trainer pattern as well as a PUL cover with snaps on the sides like the stacinator covers.

Melody's Mama said...

That is SUPER CUTE! I love the way you used coordinating fabric for the waist and legbands. Thank you SO much for this free pattern! I made one. You can check it out here:
I linked to your pattern. Let me know if you want me to remove it.